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Getting Started

The following should give you the basic steps to get going with the deployment tool for a basic application.

1) Create configuration database:

cd <InstallationPath>\ConfigurationDatabase
Import-Module -DisableNameChecking .\libConfigurationDatabase.psm1

2) Create the environment definition in which your application reside
New-EnvironmentConfiguration -shortName <environment acronym i.e. QA> -fullName <full name >

3) Create application to the configuration database
New-ApplicationConfiguration -applicationName <application name> -binariesRootDirectory <location where the zip files of the versions of the app are located>

4) Create a deployment target for your application
New-ApplicationDeploymentTarget -environmentShortName -applicationName <name of the application> -serverName <server where the app will be deployed> -localPath <local path on the server of where the file will be copied to> -overwriteOnly <$true or $false, specifies if the target directory is deleted when deploying>

5) Specify the configuration file names of the application
New-ApplicationConfigurationFile -applicationName <name of the app> -filename <the relative path of the file>

6) Create any global or application specific settings
New-ConfigurationSetting -environmentShortName <short name of the environment this setting applied to> -scope <Either Global or the name of the app> -type <used to test settings SQLConnectionString or URL> -name <name of the setting, you will specify this in the form {$<settingName>$} in the config files> -value <the value>

7) Create a package for your application
cd ..\BuildDeployment
Create-ApplicationPackage.ps1 -applicationName <application name> -targetVersionNumber,<version number of the application package> -sourceVersionNumber <the version number of the previous version that was already packaged> -configNeedsChange <$true or $ false, if there are new settings that requires environment specific value when deployed, set this to $true, otherwise the package will be created directly>

8) Deploy your application package
Deploy-Build.ps1 -selectedEnvironmentShortName <short name of the environment to deploy to> -selectedApplicationName <name of the app to deploy> -selectedVersionNumberToDeploy <number of the version to deploy> -credential <you can use (Get-Credential) or pass a variable that contains the credential already captured>

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