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Released: Feb 1, 2017
Updated: Feb 5, 2017 by misabel
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Release Notes


  • libActiveDirectory.psm1
    • New Test-DomainControllerResponseTime
  • New Get-MaxConcurrentError.ps1 to check for MaxConcurrentAPI error in Netlogon log files


  • libUtilities.psm1
    • Fixed issue in Assert-PSSession


  • Added Send-SharePointULSToElasticSearch.ps1 to parse SharePoint ULS logs and send them to Elasticsearch
  • libElasticsearch.psm1
    • Modified Add-ElasticsearchDocument for proper JSON escape
    • Added Add-SQLQueryResultAsDocumentBatch to do bulk insert in elasticsearch from a SQL Query
    • Added Add-ElasticSearchDocumentBatch to do bulk insert of documents
  • winlogbeat.yml Based winlogbeat configuration file to cover core event logs
  • Deploy-BeatConfigurationFile.ps1 Script to generate winlogbeat configuration files customized for each agent
  • IndexDefinitions
    • Added OpsMgrAPMEvents.json
    • Added SQLAgentEvents.json
    • Added SQLSentryEvents.json
    • Added SharePointULS.json
    • Added VirtualMachineStatistics.json
  • SQLQueries to capture information and send to Elasticsearch
    • SQLAgentEvents.sql
    • SQLSentryEvents.sql


  • libHyperVStatistics.psm1 : Fixed sampling interval issue
  • Monitor-VMUsage.ps1 : Fixed sampling interval issue
  • Monitor-VMUsage.ps1 fixed memory usage issue and fork for debugging
  • libHyperVStatistics.psm1 made changes to use SQL Server clustered column store schema
  • Fixed Create-RemoteVMHardDiskDrive to allow SOFS usage


  • New version of diskspd.exe
  • libStorageTesting.psm1 bug fixes in Run-Diskspd
  • Added compiled version of Intel Performance Counter Monitor version 2.11 along with required dependencies. This enables low level monitoring for CPU, Memory, PCIe, etc.


  • Added kibana_objects.json which contains all searches, visualizations and dashboards to enhance winlogbeat and other log collections


  • Updated Test-TCPPortResponseTime.ps1 to more accurately reflect timeouts
  • Added Test-DNSResponseTime.ps1


  • libServiceBus.psm1
    • Fix memory leak Send-SBEventHubMessage


  • libSqlServer.psm1
    • Added Get-SQLQueryResultAsHashTableBatch
  • New libSqlServerReportingServices.psm1
    • New Export-SSRSObject
    • New Import-SSRSObject


  • Fixed issue in Get-RemoteStoragePoolPhysicalDisk to properly capture the disks in the Primordial pool


  • libLogParser.psm1 Made changes to support loading data to clustered column store index
  • New Get-AssemblyFrameworkVersion to get .NET Framework and Runtime versions of dll/exe
    • Using Mono.Cecil.dll directly instead of calling a .NET application
  • Fix in libJSON.psm1 to account for null values properly
  • Including scrtnycli_x64.exe for HBA temperature monitoring
  • Deleted Monitor-FileResponseTime.ps1
  • Created Store-FilesResponseTimes.ps1


  • Get-RDPSession.ps1 Added ability to export the data to run the script on a regular schedule
  • Get-UserPreferredLanguageReport.ps1 added option to specify export path
  • Monitor-RDSPerformance.ps1 fix memory leak issue
  • New PerformanceCountersTemplates/ActiveDirectory_MaxConcurrentAPI.txt
  • New PerformanceCountersTemplates/CoreVDIComputer.txt
  • New PerformanceCountersTemplates/DetailedRDSNetwork_Errors.txt
  • Windows/PerformanceCountersTemplates/Detailed_RDS.txt
    • Added \Terminal Services Session(*)\Working Set
    • Added \Terminal Services Session(*)\% Processor Time
    • Removed \Processor(_Total)\% Processor Time
  • Updated RecommendedUpdates.csv as per Failover Clustering Recommended Updates Microsoft KB
  • libWindowsPerformance.psm1
    • Added an alternate way to check if remote perfmon counters are accessible by testing port 135
  • libWindowsRDS.psm1
    • Significant changes to properly support RDS session hosts in Get-RDSPerfmonStatistics
    • Now storing Working Set, client computer name, client computer IP data
  • libWindowsUpdate.psm1
    • Changes in Validate-RecommendedUpdateStatus to allow passing a custom CSV files for the updates to validate
    • Added a flag to enforce string update validation for a particular feature (i.e. only Failover Clustering and not Failover Clustering for Hyper-V)
    • Added output field to show a status (i.e. patch is on the host but is not in the recommended updates list anymore
    • Added output field to show notes regarding a particular patch
  • Added PsExec.exe to support operations in libWindowsRDS.psm1
  • Get-ComputerInformation.ps1
    • Added collection of core Windows files version information
  • New Get-CoreFileVersion.ps1
    • New core Files
  • New Perfmon templates
    • Bug fix in collection of core files
  • New libWindowsFileServicesMonitoring.psm1
    • New Get-FileResponseTimeMetrics
    • New Store-FileResponseTimeMetrics

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